Super Blood Moon of 2015

I give props to all the photographers that stayed up late last night, shooting the moon, editing and composing the most amazing shots from all around the world! I, on the other hand, only stayed up for the first half of the show. Too tired to watch the finale, I quickly edited and uploaded one… Continue reading Super Blood Moon of 2015


Last weekend we had Amber's senior session. It was questionable as to whether the thunderstorms would stay away but it ended up being a beautiful evening. The clouds made for a lovely filtered light, leaving us with few shadows, but just enough sun to give us some beautiful highlights. Amber was a natural! She contrasted… Continue reading ~Amber~

Finding the Balance

How do you find the balance between your work and your home life? I know I often struggle with this! When I'm working on a session, I want to work and work until it's done and delivered to the client. Because I'm doing what I love to do! But then the kids need to get… Continue reading Finding the Balance