Finding the Balance

How do you find the balance between your work and your home life?

I know I often struggle with this! When I’m working on a session, I want to work and work until it’s done and delivered to the client. Because I’m doing what I love to do! But then the kids need to get picked up, the laundry piles grow, the dishes are all dirty, the refrigerator is empty, the bathroom floor gets sticky and the dust starts sparkling when hit by the sunlight. I DON’T love chores. I rather be shooting or editing or updating my blog. Anything but chores!

So, what do you do to find your balance?

I’m going to go walk the dog and try to forget that there are errands to run and cleaning to do and kids that’ll be home in six hours.

P. S. Stay tuned for Amber’s senior photo shoot, coming soon!
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