Still Life

You would think it would be pretty easy to photograph things that don’t move.
It turns out it’s not as simple as just setting the scene and shooting. There are many factors involved when working with still life.

First, what are you going to photograph? I like to keep it simple, using things I have around the house. I search the kitchen, bedrooms, toy boxes, craft closets, desk drawers, anything that catches my eye.2C4A7381w2Second, think about your light sources. Light is what makes or breaks a photograph.
In the photo below, I used a window as back light (covered with a white diffuser). Then, I set up a speed light with a soft box to the left of the marble to get the nice highlight on the object and shadow to the bottom/right of it.2C4A7407-2WLastly, Have Fun!
Photography should be a creative outlet. Use your imagination. Create an image that will make you feel something, whether it’s happy, sad, dramatic, whatever the emotion. If you feel something from the image, then your viewers will too.2C4A7459-3WFeel free to comment, like and share this post. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session time, you can email me at You can also preview my other work by following me on Facebook at Lynette Blecha Photographyand shoot me a message to schedule your session time.

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