The McCroskey Family

This was such a fun session! The McCroskey's are a wonderful family, inside and out! Fun loving, easy going and their kiddos are pretty cute too. This was my first time shooting a baby and this little¬†guy was an easy, super happy model. His big sister was always eager to help him to look at… Continue reading The McCroskey Family

The Williams Family

Meet the Williams! This family was so wonderful to work with and, actually, was exciting for me because they were my first "word of mouth" clients! I was so happy that the McClanahan's (from my previous post) spoke highly of me to them. The day was¬†overcast and, as often happens in the Ozarks, we were… Continue reading The Williams Family

The McClanahan Family

I have fallen behind on my blog posts and realized I never published this wonderful family's fall photo session! My apologies! The McClanahan's have been my biggest supporters. In three months, I have had three sessions with them and they are the kindest folks you will ever meet! In this session we have three generations,… Continue reading The McClanahan Family

Shooting My Kids

Have you ever tried to photograph your kiddos, dreaming of all the magical moments you'll capture, showing the world how sweet and lovely they are and how talented YOU are as a photographer? Ya. Me too! Instead, I got bickering, fighting, dirty looks aimed at me and each other, "Are we done yet?"s and "I'm… Continue reading Shooting My Kids