Head Shots


My “niche” is definitely in outdoor portrait photography, capturing the beauty of each family as well as the beauty of the Ozarks.

But, sometimes that’s just not possible, with the unpredictable weather conditions in Missouri, and also, not what is needed.

Many times, professionals are needing to update their business profile or seniors are needing a professional yearbook photo.

Here are some examples.


As you can see, there is a totally different “feel” between the color shots and the black and white shots. Depending on your needs and how you will be using the photo, anything is possible.
Another popular look is taking the photo in your environment. Whether it’s at your desk, in your office hall or outside your building, you can have an image that brings your viewer into your space and get a real feel for what you do, without them ever being there.

Feel free to comment, like and share this post. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session time, you can email me at lynetteblechaphotography@yahoo.com.
You can also preview my other work by following me on Facebook at Lynette Blecha Photography and shoot me a message to schedule your session time.
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