Out and About, Downtown Springfield, Missouri

Almost two years ago I came across a project called the “100 Strangers Project“.
This photography project was started to push photographers to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, work on their portrait taking skills and to motivate and inspire them. I decided to give it a try!

It was (and still is) very difficult! Approaching a complete stranger on the street, asking them if you can photograph them (being rejected many times) and then, using all your photography knowledge and quick thinking to compose a great photograph, is mind blowing to me. But I have done it and did it again this past weekend. It pushed me out of my safe place and into a world of uncertainty, possible rejection and made me think quickly on my toes, many times making mistakes. But every once in a while I try to get out there and try again and mostly, I come home pretty proud of myself and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment!

Last Saturday I met Berdine!
She was walking around Park Central Square in Springfield, Missouri, asking for signatures on a petition she was supporting. She approached me and asked if I would like to sign but quickly got distracted and asked what I was doing. “Are you a photographer?” she asked, as I stood there with my camera around my neck, holding my reflector under one arm. I said yes and asked if she would like me to photograph her. She quickly agreed and struck this pose for me. I got ONE shot in before she started talking to me about Facebook and emails and how people steel her information. I listened and agreed. Then she gave me, a total stranger, her email address so I could send her the photo. She was too funny!



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