Shelby – Class of 2018 – Springfield, Missouri – Part 1

Well, I don’t even know where to begin . . . .

This year I have booked more senior sessions than ever (which is fun and fabulous!) but now my very own senior is one of them and I can’t believe it!
Over the years, I have heard other parents talk about how “it goes by so fast” and have watched them stare in amazement when they see their senior’s portraits at the reveal session, some with tears and some in awe that their once little boy or girl is now graduating and starting their own life in the world.

Now I am in their position.

Shelby, 10 months old, 2001

This is MY senior, the amazing Shelby Lynn!

This was the first of many sessions we have planned.
She is a varsity cheerleader at Central High School, as well as a drum major for CHS Marching Band where she plays alto saxophone, an International Baccalaureate student with a 4.8 gpa, works a part time job on the weekends and always makes time for school games, dances, spirit events and time with her friends (as she likes to remind us, she WILL have a memorable and fun senior year).

As I said, this is the first of many Shelby sessions. (You may tire of them)
Enjoy and stay tuned for her’s and others upcoming senior sessions!

If you are interested in scheduling your senior’s portrait session, contact me below and we’ll create a memorable collection of portraits for your family to capture this momentous time in your child’s life.

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