Why Digitals Suck!

Being a Full Service Photographer, we pride ourselves in catering to our clients needs. The Mizells have been loyal clients for many years now but I think this session was one of our best!
We planned the session to be shot in their very own backyard to make it easier to get everyone ready and together. Kris was a pro in coordinating the family’s outfits and we enjoyed a relaxed and fun family session in their own environment.
When the images were ready, we had the family over to view their gallery (mom got a little gushy), discuss their artwork needs and choose their favorite poses for printing.  Kris and her husband decided to invest in a large canvas piece to display in their home as a way to honor their family and children and show their pride in their beautiful, amazing family.
Fast forward to the day of delivery. As she opened her packages excitedly, she expressed her appreciation in hand delivering her artwork and couldn’t wait to see their final product. When she opened her 24 x 36 custom canvas she was in awe! Speechless! She gushed over her beautiful family and how amazing they are and how beautiful this piece was and proudly showed me where she would be displaying it in her home. She was so thrilled that she almost forgot about the rest of her order, prints for family, metal gift print of her children and a custom 5×7 acrylic standing cut out. She was giddy!
She was so grateful for her images and artwork, capturing this season of her family, knowing that these pieces would be passed down to the next generation and the next, with stories told and chats about memories they made and maybe even clothing and hair styles of the past.
Photos are SO important! Not digitals that sit on a disc or flash drive (that will soon be obsolete and unusable in our ever advancing world) but actual PRINTED art that can be held, touched, connected with and passed around a room with laughter and tears and memories of the past. Kids grow up so fast, move away and start their lives on their own. You don’t want to look back 20 years from now and notice that you never captured your family in its early years, when they were discovering themselves, when you were learning how to be a parent and grow this beautiful family of yours.
< jumps off soap box >
Enjoy the Mizells and their Fall Session, 2017

To schedule your session email lynette@lynetteblechaphotography.com or fill out the contact form below.

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