2018 Veterans Day Session Winners, Springfield, Missouri

Last year we started a new tradition of honoring local military families for Lynette Blecha Photography’s birthday each year.
Meet the 2018 honorees, The Dorsey family!

Here’s just a bit of their story . . .

As written by his mother-in-law, Patricia.
“1st Sgt. Dorsey is the Sgt. every soldier dreams of having. He is on deployment in Iraq-Kuwait right now. This is his third long deployment. His soldiers tell me he is so kind, funny and wonderful. He never asks them to do something he doesn’t do first.
He has a wife, Colleen, that sends equipment to take his company fishing, water balloons to celebrate Fourth of July and barbecue. They adore him! Over the years, Colleen has served as the head of the Family Readiness Group which does activities and fundraising while soldiers are gone. She’s currently grooming a new FRG leader, a younger woman, because she knows that her husband will retire soon after he gets home May 2019. She goes above and beyond, not just for her husband, but for all the families who are left. If one has a leaky roof, she calls around and finds people who will fix it. Every week she sends care packages to her husband to share with his troops. He always has big jars of candy and other snacks in his office and they all know they can share it and often go in to visit and grab a snack. She sends seasonal decorations for his office so they can enjoy the holidays too. On Halloween he always has costume contests and the soldiers are so creative. Last deployment he was Gilligan and his captain was The Captain. The soldiers dress up and they give prizes, etc. Joe is an expert smoker/bbq master and cooks for his troops a lot too.
They have missed all the big anniversaries, because of his deployments, 20, 25 and recently their 30th. It breaks my heart that my daughter has gone through so much, being the sole person to finish raising their kids with him gone, worrying if he will get home in time for their graduations. He has missed weddings, birthdays and Christmas and all of the other holidays THREE times. And anytime I start to whine about it, I’m stopped and Colleen reminds me that soldiers miss babies being born and their sacrifices are so much much more. It is his duty and he loves being a soldier. He has been in since he was 17 years old. He had to get special permission from his parents when he initially joined right out of high school. This family portrait would be such a nice thank you for his service all these years. As you can see, I am very proud of the sacrifices they have made. He has had many smaller deployments, to Hurricane Katrina for month, the Olympics in Salt Lake City where he worked with the FBI to try to find Anthrax and other deadly things in the village, a tornado here in Missouri and many others. His dress uniform has so many metals and ribbons that he looks like a General instead of a 1st Sgt. He is also one of 300 people in the history of this country to be double distinguished, he’s an expert shooter with pistols and rifles.
I could go on and on but surely this is enough.”

Thank you Patricia for nominating your daughter’s family!
It was such a pleasure to get to know you ALL, laugh and laugh with you and see you all love on your grand babies!
Jo and Colleen, Thank You for allowing me to honor your service and commitment to our country and community with my talents and gift.
You have blessed ME!

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