Building Homes for Heroes – Springfield, Missouri

We were honored to be asked to photograph Curtis Crawford and his wife as they were welcomed into their new home by the Building Homes for Heroes team and Truck Hero volunteers.
Mr. Crawford served his country as a soldier in the U.S. Army for 32 years and has experienced more than some could ever imagine while in Iraq.
“I had a team of 32 and came home with seven,” said Crawford. “I’ve been shot three times and involved in over a dozen IEDs.”

Enjoy this album of their day and leave the Crawford’s a note of thanks for serving our country for so many years!

Building Homes for Heroes plans to give away more homes to injured veterans this year and celebrate 300 total homes given away by next year.

For more information about Building Homes for Heroes, visit their website

To see more of Lynette Blecha Photography’s work with local veterans, click here

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