Custom Yearbook Photos Available

Have you got your yearbook photo done yet? With our professional lighting, personal retouching and relaxed environment, we will get you in that yearbook with style! Package includes 2 black/white prints for your school and 2 digital images (color and b/w) for yourself. Deadlines are fast approaching so email or message us to set… Continue reading Custom Yearbook Photos Available

New Branding for Local Counselors – Springfield, Missouri

Your headshot is the window into your business and website. What does yours say about you? It can be easy to stick with that outdated, grainy and unprofessional headshot you have now but is that how you want your business to be perceived? Will new clients or partners be interested in your work? Where to… Continue reading New Branding for Local Counselors – Springfield, Missouri

Corporate Headshots – Springfield, Missouri

Headshots, the first impression a potential client or business partner gets of you and your business style. Whether it's on your business card or on social media sites such as LinkedIn, your headshot can be the beginning or the end of a potential business relationship. What does your headshot say about you? Is it old, blurry, poorly lit, taken… Continue reading Corporate Headshots – Springfield, Missouri


Beautiful Mandy! It's hard to work with such beautiful people but I try to manage! Feel free to comment, like and share this post. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session time, you can email me at You can also preview my other work by following me on Facebook… Continue reading ~Mandy~

Head Shots

  My "niche" is definitely in outdoor portrait photography, capturing the beauty of each family as well as the beauty of the Ozarks. But, sometimes that's just not possible, with the unpredictable weather conditions in Missouri, and also, not what is needed. Many times, professionals are needing to update their business profile or seniors are needing a professional… Continue reading Head Shots