Prom 2018 – Springfield, Missouri

Seniors have the MOST fun! Enjoy some shots we took before the Kickapoo High School prom, Springfield, Missouri. For more information or to schedule your senior session, contact us below. We'd love to meet you!

Hallie – Class of 2018 – Springfield, Missouri

Our latest senior session took us to the heart of Downtown Springfield. Hallie will be graduating in just a few weeks and wanted to celebrate that and capture her spunky personality in her latest session. I think we accomplished that! Enjoy a few of our favorites and be sure to check out her first senior… Continue reading Hallie – Class of 2018 – Springfield, Missouri

Shelby – Class of 2018 – Springfield, Missouri – Part 1

Well, I don't even know where to begin . . . . This year I have booked more senior sessions than ever (which is fun and fabulous!) but now my very own senior is one of them and I can't believe it! Over the years, I have heard other parents talk about how "it goes… Continue reading Shelby – Class of 2018 – Springfield, Missouri – Part 1

Central High School Bands 2016-17 Springfield, Missouri

It was a pleasure to photograph the Central High School Bands of Springfield, Missouri! This group is near and dear to my heart. Mr. Rohrbaugh and Mrs. Pace have dedicated their time to teaching these kids, not only music, but also teamwork, pride, respect, independence, responsibility and dedication which is reflected in their students every… Continue reading Central High School Bands 2016-17 Springfield, Missouri